Looking for Info on George Milivojevic

Received this email from Barry Sommers looking for some info on George Milivojevic.  If anyone can help please email Barry on barryjsomers@gmail.com

To introduce myself firstly I am a welfare officer with Runaway Bay R S L .

I am well known to Col. Peter Leeson ( Former 7 R A R ) should you need any reference.

I have had a unusual request from the family of a former member of 7 R A R .

It appears that since the death of the member his widow has had no contact with his family. I have been asked to try and arrange a set of copy medals for the members mother. I can get supply wiyhout problem but am hoping you and your association may be able to advise detail of his deployments over the years.

Name:  George Milivojevic

No:     218413

Served 1966 — 1990

Believed to have made the rank of W O 1

Passed away 1994

May have served in Timor, Iraq and Afgahnistan ?

Hoping You can assist

Barry Somers

Seeking those who knew Harry Burns

Received this email looking for Harry Burns.  He is not listed as having served in Sth Vietnam so maybe he was pre Vietnam 2nd tour as he died in a MVA in 1969

Hi , I was wondering if you could help me , I am trying to get in contact with anyone who would remember my father PTE Henry (Harry) Burns. He was a member of 7RAR and died in 1969 in a car accident.He was awarded a military funeral at All Saints Church , Parramatta .

With many Thanks for your help,


If you can help Tracy email her.

Tracey Smiljanic <smiljanictracey@gmail.com>

Seeking Richard Taylor

Hi, I am currently the President and Secretary of The Warrnambool sub-branch of VVAA Vic. One of our members, Bob Mc Master ex 7 RAR is looking for with the view of making contact with ….

Richard. Taylor.  3787925

D. Coy 12 PL. 7 RAR.

South Vietnam 09Apr-16Aug 1967

Married to Wendy.

Last known location…Melton Vic.

Your and the 7 RAR associations help in with this would be greatly appreciated.

My contact details… secretary@warrnambool.vvaavic.org.au

4 Pl 2nd Tour

Hi, I’m seeking to contact people who served in 4 platoon, B company, 7RAR (second Vietnam tour) and who may have been involved in a contact east of Xuyen Moc on 9 December 1970. 2LT Karl Metcalf was the platoon commander at the time. I’d appreciate it very much if some platoon members could give me a return email.


Thanks, Bob Hall


If you were there you might like to contact Bob Hall via  b.hall@adfa.edu.au (just click on the link)

Looking for NOK



In 2011 the Prime Minister announced that Australia would contribute to the development of the Vietnam Veterans’ Education Centre (VVEC) in Washington DC.  The central feature of this high tech centre will be a “Wall of Faces”, a digital display of the images of those who died, including the images of the 521 Australians who died in Vietnam.


Despite the success to date, the task is unfinished.  Office of Australian War Graves, (OAWG) is yet to locate a living relative for 185 of out servicemen who died in Vietnam,  Listed below are those from 7RAR who are yet to be located.


1. 2784699   PTE  Norman  George  Allen,  KIA  10  November  1967;

2. 38110  CPL  Donald Raymond  Aylett,  KIA  6  August  1967;

3. 216920  PTE  Marvin  James  Ayres,  KIA  5  February  1968;

4. 62036  PTE  Garry  Owen  Cashion,  KIA  16 June  1970;

5. 422514  LT  Rex  William  Davies,  KIA  27  October  1970;

6. 216906  PTE  Barry  Edmond  Fallon,  KIA  10 November  1967;

7. 218450  PTE  Arthur  John  Gibson,  15 July  1972?

8. 4720992  PTE  Graham  Robert  Kavanagh,  KIA  21 April  1970;

9. 2785033  L/CPL  Ross  Charles  McMillan,  KIA  2  February  1968;

10. 3411862  PTE  David  Geoffrey  Milford, KIA  6  August  1967;

11. 2792729  PTE  Paul  John  Navarre,  KIA  6  June  1970;

12. 218697  L/CPL  Neil  Thomas  Richardson,  KIA  27  August  1970;

13. 216115  PTE  Paul  Zygmund  Trzecinski,  KIA  27  January  1968.


If anyone has any contact with relatives or NOK of the above listed members of 7RAR please have them contact the XO on any of the details below.






PO  BOX  8143


NSW  2747

ABN  35 124 126 574


Ph (H) (02) 4721 4349

(M)  0418 624 211

Looking for Recce Pl members

Recce Pl are holding a reunion and we are looking for the following members of the platoon.  If you can help please leave a comment or email me on kev@7rar.asn.au .

Callanan, Maurice John   DOB: 7th Dec. 1940 Bendigo Vic.

Dalitz, Terrence “Jungles” DOB: 29th Nov. 1948 Ararat VIC.

Hollings, Warwick Russ DOB: 30th June 1946 Melbourne VIC.

McClure, Phillip John  DOB: 24th Aug. 1951,Kalgoolie W.A

Ratajczek, Oliver DOB: 10th Oct. 1949 Germany

Ryan, Phillip Allan  DOB: 19th Jan. 1949 Sydney NSW

Tarr, Peter Colin  DOB: 15th April 1950 Townsville QLD.


Seeking anyone who new Doug Clively

Received this email;


From: Bob Trouchet <Trouchet@westnet.com.au>

Subject: WO1 D.Clively

Message Body:

I have been helping a friend research his family tree. HD Clively was his uncle and we have been very pleased to see his name on your website. I am hoping that some of your members can provide information so that we can read the biography.

At present my friend is interested to find out about the medals his uncle would have received. Do you know of a website or other way in which we can find that information?


Bob Trouchet


If any one can help please email Bob and then contact me and help me write his biography for the website


Ian Robert Becker AACC

My work colleague who is about to retire,has indicated he served 5 years in Vietnam from 22/03/1967 to 27/02/1972. l have searched and found that he did serve with 7RAR,among many units,only his Vietnam service is shown,he does not have any computer skills hence me doing the leg work.

his name is Ian Robert Becker service no 18287 he is now 69 years young and working as a chef trainer in PNG and has done for 24 years, He was in the army catering corps.according to the Vietnam war service certificate he completed 1466 days service in Vietnam, he lives in the Phillipines when not working in PNG.

Check  out his service in Vietnam

If anyone remembers Ian Becker could they leave a comment below

Looking for Clifford Hindmarsh

Received this email today from Ralph Hindmarsh

I am looking for 55855 Clifford Malcolm Hindmarsh

I was the CSM B coy 5RAR on our 2nd tour and this soldier came to us as a reo. I would like to make contact if you could help it would be appreciated.

If you can help email Ralph on ralphhindmarsh@bigpond.com

Looking for…

Ian “Doc” Russell and Gavin Rodie are looking for missing members.  Some names are below, but others who joined 5 Platoon after August 1970 should make themselves known too.


Quick responses are important as Platoon Commander Doub Gibbons is not very well.




Graeme “Dizzy” Tyers


Donald Francis “Henry” Ford


Dennis Roy “Scotty” Scott (Platoon Sig


Paul McGrath


Robert Gillies


John Turner


Trevor Rafferty


Daniel Harrison



Please contact Doc Russell starlight111@bigpond.com or 08 8528 6002 or Gavin Rodie rodie@iinet.net.au or 08 9381 5566