New Look

I am changing the website Content Management System to Word Press(WP)  as over the years it has developed far ahead of Joomla, the previous system.  WP will allow easier comments and much more flexibility in design.  It will also give me better control of members login.  At the moment I am hit with a dozen or so spam members registration every day.  More on that later in a specific post.

I am increasing content but I do need help with some data.  For example, I do not have bios for four of the RSMs and have little on 7RAR (Mech) operations in Afghanistan of the standard we have due to Michael O’Brien’s ‘Conscript and Regulars’  The recent release of War in the Valleys will go some way towards filling the void (when I have a copy) but I lack data such as nominal rolls and ‘I was there’ stories written by participants.

If anyone knows or knew the RSMs with missing bios sufficiently to provide me with some facts then please contact me.  Likewise any current generation member who reads this may note a lack of data on Afghanistan and put their hand up to help me give due accord to post Sth Vietnam Vets.

My aim with this website is to record our story with fact and data and you the members must realize my memory and research skills are limited and contribution is needed.  I have long rid myself of the always doubtful premise that I know it all, so if you have comments, suggestions, offers of help and data, then any such contribution will be welcomed with open arms.

If you can help, leave a comment.

Webmaster Kev