D445 Their Story

An extract from “The Viet Cong D445 Battalion: Their Story” by Eric Chamberlain, 2011

The whole battalion were in the middle of an open area when suddenly a ring of fire burst forth followed by a salvo of explosions. An Australian ambush had fired claymores and this was followed by a thick hail of gunfire. All of the vanguard 2nd Company Headquarters and two thirds of the leading formation of the battalion were hit by the mines. 19 were killed on the spot and 22 were seriously wounded (at that time, the personnel strength of a company was only about 20 riflemen)

From our founding, the battalion had never suffered such large casualties as that in such a short time. Those who survived still recall the Ca Thi clearing with grief and pain and our never-before suffered heavy casualties – brought about by a perfunctory attitude, subjective thinking and underestimating the enemy.

It wouldn’t be the first time someone underestimated 7RAR

The book is available to read online here

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