Tribute to Andy Mattay

3 thoughts on “Tribute to Andy Mattay

  1. I don’t know why I haven’t thought to look before at this tribute – it made my heart sore, of course, and I have to congratulate whoever did it. ┬áIt would be nice to have more information on who is who within the thing itself – but most of the pictures are in the Seven in Seventy book – thank you.

  2. Many of us took photos -when we weren’t so busy with duties 24/7- of our fellow soldiers both in Vietnam and training as 2-year national servicemen, called as an emergency measure because so many regular soldiers were not signing on because of the looming Vietnam War. I also took much film which is now in the AWM archives. Much was confiscated by the adjutant of 7RAR,in 1967 and never returned to me. Col Mattay has compiled a valuable collection of B&W’s. He also gave evidence to the 2000 Gilewicz Commission of Inquiry into the alleged police killing of National Serviceman and Vietnam Veteran Joe Gilewicz,part of which I am including in the third and final volume of this incident. Col Mattay was highly thought of by high-ranking Australian soldiers. I was saddened by the news of his death. My condolences to his surviving wife Melegueta.Congratulations to the compiler of this tribute.Were all the photographs taken by Col Mattay? Brought back many memories, some so sad.

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