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  1. Interested in association &reunion. I was a Reo from 5 who then completed the full tour with 7 only to be sent back to 1ARU!  Served in 10 & 11 platoons. I was mates with Gary Cashion, also ex 5, who was killed by lightning on a night patrol in heavy weather, just after I went to the Horseshoe training elements of the 18th ARVN Div. If anyone was on that patrol out of NDP Isa (?)who could tell me more, I’d appreciate it. He was a great bloke & a top digger. He had taken over from me as Sig for Sgt Riddett(?).  Many thanks, Ian. ( Ps a photo of me at “the shoe” Aust War Mem JON/70/0435/VN, might jog someone’s memory..).      

    • Ian, you and I (and Pete Lutley, Danny Neville, Terry Halfacree, Sam Bradford, Allan Brown, Joe van Der Wal and others) were in the ARVN Trg Cadre together at the Horseshoe in the middle of 1970.  It would be fabulous if the Cadre team could get together during the 2015 reunion, I have 6 or 7 photos of some of the team and surrounds (the gravel pit at the ‘shoe’).  I keep in close contact with Pete Lutley, I’m sure he’ll be at the reunion.  Cheers.  PS my photo is: JON/70/0436/VN (just one shot off yours).

  2. G’day Ian G, Good to hear from you and hope you are well. Pete Riddett was 10 Pl Sgt. D Coy recently had a reunion at Bourke, org by Vic Bartley & Merv Hains. A good turn-up and good time was had by all. Regards Jim. (10 Pl)

  3. Ian, I can tell you a little of what happened. I was a reo that was transferred to 7 when 6 had finished it’s tour. On the night in question I was the mortar fire controllers Sig and was positioned on a track in the long hai mountains with the rest of the company in an ambush position. The lightening and rain was very intense and I ended up lying in a rock pool up to my neck. Gary was very unlucky to have been where he was because if we had not gone to mt. Isa and instead went bush he was to have stayed at the Dat. I can remember Andy Mattay saying that Gary could go out that night with the armoured personal carriers because it would be the easiest of the two patrols ( I believe he was to be sent back to the Dat the following day). Gary was sheltering from the wind and rain when the lightening struck the armoured personal carrier, very unlucky and very sad. There was a lot of confusion that night and from memory the possum pilot was the only chopper that could come to his aide. I hope this has been of some help.

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