Why are we called the Pigs?

One of the most unifying aspects of 7 RAR was its nickname. To some the nickname was a triviality and an annoyance. Corporal Roy ‘Doc’ Savage gave this explanation of its origin:

The single men of 3 RAR were sent to Puckapunyal to form a new battalion, 7 RAR. I arrived there on 11th November 1965. At first there were only regular soldiers. We used to keep the boozer open all weekend having the cooks bring our meals there. Anyway, on my second week there the new CO (Colonel Eric Smith) decided to inspect his new battalion area on a Sunday. He immediately closed the boozer. The next day he called a muster parade of the whole battalion and commenced to tell us what he thought of us. Half way hrough his speech he said and I quote, ‘You are nothing but a mob of pigs’. Then from the back rank someone called out ‘oink oink’. From that time onwards we became the Pig Battalion.


From ‘Conscripts and Regulars’ by Michael O’Brien

2 thoughts on “Why are we called the Pigs?

  1. under honours you have only two listed eg Vietnam and Afghanistan yet in heading you show Timor and Iraq what is correct 2 honours or 4    

  2. If you click on Vietnam or Afghanistan in the ‘Honours’ box then it shows awards for bravery etc.  I am not aware yet of any such awards for 7RAR guys who served in Iraq or Timor.  

    The heading is only meant to denote where the battalion has served 

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