December 1, 2022

Donald R. Aylett


Biography of Donald R. Aylett

Don Aylett was born in Mooroopna, in the state of Victoria, Australia, on the 10th May 1945

His service in Vietnam included:-
1st Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment from the 3rd June 1965 to the 5th June 1966
7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment from the 2nd April 1967 until his death on the 6th August 1967

… the fatal action in Vietnam …

1 Platoon had really walked into it. Within minutes, two sections were leaderless, ‘Lofty’ Aylett being shot leading his men into action, and ‘Gabby’ Hayes, taking cover at the head of his men behind a log which unfortunately lay the wrong way, receiving a direct burst from a machine gun not ten yards away.’
Two section commanders dead, a dozen men wounded, and Rod Smith was in trouble. A shot for shot battle commenced.

Don is interred at Tatura Cemetery, Tatura, Victoria, Australia

aylett plaque