December 8, 2023

Book: Cut Off by Col Foley

GOOD NEWS! Printing of my * acclaimed NEW VIETNAM WAR NOVEL ‘CUT OFF’ is now underway.

Its 460 pages let you share one man’s remarkable journey through war and peace over several nations in the 60’s.

There are segments set in Phuoc Thuy province, including Nui Dat and Baria, Vung Tau and (fictitious but realistic) portrayals of life in 7RAR on ops and at ‘home’. Plenty of Aussie Digger humour and larrikinism peppers a large part of the narrative and even B Coy’s boozer gets a spot.

One of the reviews below is by a fellow 1st Tour Pig. Scroll down to see who!

I have limited quantities for direct sale, signed by me and inscribed if you wish. To obtain your copy please:

  1. Transfer $39.15 ($29.95 + $9.20 p&h) into Qld Country Credit Union BSB 704640, Account 41522320, Colin Foley. Be sure to reference your payment with your full name and postcode ✔
  2. Email me your full name, postal address and the wording you want above my signature (if no personal message is required it will be signed “Best wishes, above your first name”) to

First deliveries will be approx. mid-November.


…one you won’t want to put down … knowledge of jungle warfare … a man fighting impossible odds … action is fast and engrossing and the story of Orville Payne a gripping one. Mary Vernon, Judge, The Colin Roderick Literary Award

“A thoroughly engrossing tale … impoverished kid to .. accomplished soldier … a side of the Vietnam conflict that is rarely shown ” Ian Dolby, Author of the Firebird series

… transports the reader into the horrors … of the Vietnam war … I was quickly hooked. … you are in the moment of the action… powerful story … transported me into a world I knew little about. I won’t ever forget Cpl Payne. Judith Flitcroft, Author “Walk Back in Time”

From an isolated farming community to the jungles of war … action-packed tale of survival. Trapped in the brutality and aftermath of battle until rescued by the healing power of love. Vivian Waring, author ‘When Tears Ran Dry’

Col Foley has produced a little literary gem with Cut Off and a worthwhile contribution to war fiction… precise military detail … historical framing coupled with a very readable but fast-moving account … a plot with much to both entertain and educate… The characters are endearing and the language used is raw, earthy and robust, but at the same time humorous and evocative… read Cut Off. You’ll be glad you did. Michael Pert, Author of ‘The Kissing House’

… this offering by Col Foley is “unputdownable”! … from unappreciated younger child and bullied loner through … experiences as a true warrior … battle scenes are totally absorbing and are extremely realistic. His contact with Aussie “larrikinism” in an Aussie unit combines humour and reality … reminder the Vietnam conflict saw so many conscripts … called upon to do remarkable things. Wayne (Tex) Pelling, Commanding Officer’s Sig, 7RAR 1967 Tour