Vale: William R Cutler

Received a message from Dick’s neighbour saying he succumbed to a heart attack about 6 months ago.  No further information available unless some can leave a message with more details,

Looking for Info on George Milivojevic

Received this email from Barry Sommers looking for some info on George Milivojevic.  If anyone can help please email Barry on

To introduce myself firstly I am a welfare officer with Runaway Bay R S L .

I am well known to Col. Peter Leeson ( Former 7 R A R ) should you need any reference.

I have had a unusual request from the family of a former member of 7 R A R .

It appears that since the death of the member his widow has had no contact with his family. I have been asked to try and arrange a set of copy medals for the members mother. I can get supply wiyhout problem but am hoping you and your association may be able to advise detail of his deployments over the years.

Name:  George Milivojevic

No:     218413

Served 1966 — 1990

Believed to have made the rank of W O 1

Passed away 1994

May have served in Timor, Iraq and Afgahnistan ?

Hoping You can assist

Barry Somers

Craig Hansen in the news

FORMER soldier Craig Hansen wanted nothing more than to be able to mow his own lawns after being badly wounded while deployed in Afghanistan.

Now, the Linden Park-based Royal Australian Regiment (RAR) SA RSL sub-branch has helped make that a reality for the former sergeant.

In November 2008, Mr Hansen was on patrol in the back of a 4WD armoured army vehicle when an improvised explosive device (IED) detonated directly underneath him.

His feet and ankles were crushed, he received nerve damage in his knees and back, broke his arm and suffered a traumatic brain injury.

He has since had 14 operations and procedures and has been diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder.

The father of three was medically discharged from the army on November 25 last year.

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Vale: Dave Cruse

Received an email from Ian Reid alerting me to the fact that Dave Cruse passed away in 1996 and is interred at the Cheltenham Cemetry, Cheltanham, South Australia.

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I knew him well and am saddened at his passing.

Vale Dave.


60 Years of the RAR

Found on Facebook a digital Duty First magazine celebrating 60 years of the Royal Australian Regiment

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Army Edition 1331, July 17, 2014

SALUTE TO SERVICE: Special Forces soldier LCpl Todd Chidgey returned home in a solemn ceremony at RAAF Base Richmond on July 9,  page 3

: More than 120 soldiers from across 1 Bde have joined forces in Hawaii to form the Australian 4th Combat Landing Team for Exercise Rim of the Pacific, page 5


CELEBRATING HERITAGE: In line with this year’s NAIDOC Week theme ‘Serving country: centenary and beyond’ past and present ADF members gathered at the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to celebrate 100 years of loyal indigenous service, pages 10-11


ON TARGET: 1RAR soldiers have enhanced their ballistic entry skills through shotgun method of entry training at Mt Stuart Training Area in Townsville, Centrepiece


Special Liftout:

CPL Max Bree visited the Pilbara Regiment and reports on what’s happening in the north and north-west.


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Hollywood joins forces for military suit

Hollywood joins forces for military suit

THE Oscar-nominated designers at Legacy Effects have outfitted such memorable movie warriors as The Terminator, RoboCop, Captain America and Iron Man.

The special-effects company is now at work on what seems a mission impossible: Building an Iron Man-style suit to protect and propel elite US troops by encasing them in body armour equipped with an agile exoskeleton to enable troops to carry many kilograms of gear.

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Ian Lankester’s funeral

Ian is to be interred at Pinnaroo Cemetery Padbury on Wed 9 Jul commencing at 1100 hrs for a graveside service.

Aplogies for late notice.

Vale: Ian Lankester, Pnrs, 2nd Tour

Email from Stoney Bourke

It is with deep regret that I have to inform you that Ian (Lanky) Lankester lost his battle with cancer and passed away early this morning  at his home.His son John phoned me with the news this morning.

Funeral details as they come to hand