February 22, 2024

1st Tour Book: Karl Metcalf

Proposed 7 RAR First Tour Book

When I was working on Seven in Seventy Second Edition and posting photos on 7 RAR – SEVENTH BATTALION THE ROYAL AUSTRALIAN REGIMENT (PORKY SEVEN) Facebook group seeking information about people in the photos I had several enquiries from First Tour members asking where was their book from their tour. There had been plans for a First Tour book, but nothing eventuated. So I thought it would be a good idea to rectify that by producing a book for them in the same vein as the original Seven in Seventy, that is a pictorial record of their tour.

My plan is to have a one page summary for each operation and a one page map of the area for that operation. This only provides an overview of the operation – it is not meant to provide a detailed history because that is already provided in Conscripts and Regulars.

I do not want to use any photos from Through a Soldier’s Lens as that book stands alone as a fine collection of photographs. There are plenty of other photos available, mainly from the AWM, but I am looking for photos taken by First Tour members as I would prefer to use them.

Based on Seven in Seventy Second Edition I am planning on 350 A4 pages, hard cover, with dust jacket. The book will include a Roll of Honour, a Nominal Roll, a list of references and an index. My proposed title is Porky’s People – A Pictorial Record of the Seventh Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, 1967-68. ‘Porky’s People’ comes from the sign that was used in the 7 RAR lines at Nui Dat during the First Tour.

I estimate this will take me about two years, so it may be ready by end of next year.

Karl Metcalf


Webmasters Note:  Karl will post photographs from the 1st Tour in an attempt to confirm or identify the soldiers shown.  Click here to view these photographs and if you can help then please leave a comment.


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