Medal Precedence

  1. Victoria Cross (UK) ribbon.pngVictoria Cross for Australia VC
  2. AUS Cross of Valour.pngCross of Valour CV
  3. Order of the Garter UK ribbon.pngKnight/Lady of the Garter KG/LG
  4. Order of the Thistle UK ribbon.pngKnight/Lady of the Thistle KT/LT
  5. Galó de l'Orde del Mèrit (UK).pngOrder of Merit OM
  6. OrderAustraliaRibbon.pngKnight/Dame of the Order of AustraliaAK/AD
  7. Royal Victorian Order UK ribbon.pngKnight/Dame Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order GCVO
  8. OrderAustraliaRibbon.pngCompanion of the Order of Australia (Civil Division) AC Order of Australia (Military) ribbon.png (Military Division)
  9. Royal Victorian Order UK ribbon.pngKnight/Dame Commander of the Royal Victorian Order KCVO/DCVO
  10. OrderAustraliaRibbon.pngOfficer of the Order of Australia (Civil Division) AO Order of Australia (Military) ribbon.png (Military Division)
  11. Royal Victorian Order UK ribbon.pngCommander of the Royal Victorian Order CVO
  12. SGAustRibbon.pngStar of Gallantry SG
  13. SCAustRibbon.pngStar of Courage SC
  14. DSC (Australia) ribbon.pngDistinguished Service Cross DSC
  15. OrderAustraliaRibbon.pngMember of the Order of Australia (Civil Division) AM Order of Australia (Military) ribbon.png (Military Division)
  16. Royal Victorian Order UK ribbon.pngLieutenant LVO and Member MVO of the Royal Victorian Order
  17. CSC Australia ribbon.pngConspicuous Service Cross CSC
  18. NSC Australia ribbon.pngNursing Service Cross NSC
  19. MGAustRibbon.pngMedal for Gallantry MG
  20. BMAustRibbon.pngBravery Medal BM
  21. DSM (Australia) ribbon.pngDistinguished Service Medal DSM
  22. PSM Australia ribbon.pngPublic Service Medal PSM
  23. APM Australia ribbon.pngAustralian Police Medal APM
  24. AFSM Australia ribbon.pngAustralian Fire Service Medal AFSM
  25. ASM Australia ribbon.pngAmbulance Service Medal ASM
  26. ESM Australia ribbon.pngEmergency Services Medal ESM
  27. OrderAustraliaRibbon.pngMedal of the Order of Australia (Civil Division) OAM Order of Australia (Military) ribbon.png (Military Division)
  28. Order of St John (UK) ribbon.pngOrder of St John
  29. CSM Australia ribbon.pngConspicuous Service Medal CSM
  30. Australian Antarctic Medal ribbon.pngAustralian Antarctic Medal AAM
  31. Royal Victorian Order UK ribbon.pngRoyal Victorian Medal RVM
  32. Commendation for Gallantry (Australia) ribbon.pngCommendation for Gallantry
  33. Commendation for Brave Conduct (Australia) ribbon.pngCommendation for Brave Conduct
  34. Commendation for Distinguished Service (Aust) ribbon.pngCommendation for Distinguished Service
  35. Australian Active Service Medal 1945-75 ribbon.pngAustralian Active Service Medal 1945–1975
  36. Korea Medal.svgKorea Medal
  37. United Nations Service Medal for Korea ribbon.pngUnited Nations Service Medal for Korea
  38. Vietnam Medal ribbon.pngVietnam Medal
  39. Vietnam Logistic and Support Medal ribbon.pngVietnam Logistic and Support Medal
  40. Australian Active Service Medal ribbon.pngAustralian Active Service Medal
  41. INTERFET Medal ribbon.pngInternational Force East Timor Medal (INTERFET)
  42. Afghanistan Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngAfghanistan Medal
  43. Iraq Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngIraq Medal
  44. Australian Service Medal 1945-1975 ribbon.pngAustralian Service Medal 1945–1975
  45. AGSMK Ribbon.pngAustralian General Service Medal Korea
  46. Australian Service Medal ribbon.pngAustralian Service Medal
  47. Rhodesia Medal Ribbon.svgRhodesia Medal
  48. Police Overseas Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngPolice Overseas Service Medal
  49. Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngHumanitarian Overseas Service Medal
  50. AUS National Emergency Medal ribbon bar.pngNational Emergency Medal
  51. Civilian Service Medal 1939-45 (Australia) ribbon.pngCivilian Service Medal 1939–1945
  52. NPSM Ribbon.jpgNational Police Service Medal
  53. Queen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal ribbon.pngQueen Elizabeth II Golden Jubilee Medal
  54. QEII Diamond Jubilee Medal ribbon.pngQueen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal
  55. 80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal ribbon.png80th Anniversary Armistice Remembrance Medal (1999)
  56. Australian Sports Medal ribbon.pngAustralian Sports Medal (2000)
  57. Centenary Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngCentenary Medal (2001)
  58. Defence Force Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngDefence Force Service Medal
  59. Reserve Force Decoration (Australia) ribbon.pngReserve Force Decoration RFD
  60. Reserve Force Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngReserve Force Medal
  61. Defence Long Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngDefence Long Service Medal
  62. National Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngNational Medal
  63. Australian Defence Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngAustralian Defence Medal
  64. Australian Cadet Forces Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngAustralian Cadet Forces Service Medal
  65. Champion Shots Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngChampion Shots Medal
  66. Anniversary of National Service Medal (Australia) ribbon.pngAnniversary of National Service 1951–1972 Medal
  67. Foreign Awards (in order of date of authorisation of their acceptance and wearing).


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