August 18, 2022

1st Tour Book Pic #2

Vietnam. 1967. During Operation Broken Hill, Platoon Commander Second Lieutenant Ian Cameron of Kiama, NSW, and 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment (7RAR), checks his map for direction in a rubber plantation. His platoon is leading several Vietnamese detainees to the Binh Ba airstrip for questioning and identification.

5 thoughts on “1st Tour Book Pic #2

  1. Here is my description of the photo above:
    8 June 1967. Second Lieutenant Ian Cameron, Commander of 6 Platoon, B Company, checking his map as
    he and members of 6 Platoon escort a group of Vietnamese civilians to Binh Ba 2 airfield. From there the civilians
    will be flown to Baria for screening. Left, behind Ian, is the unidentified 6 Platoon signaller. Far right is an
    unidentified machine gunner from 6 Platoon. Photo Michael Coleridge. AWM COL-67-0498-VN.
    I am looking for the names of the 6 Platoon signaller and the machine gunner.

    1. I am 2Lt Cameron. My signaller behind me is Pte Peter Balmer. Unable to be sure of machine gunner but I had only three. He appears to be Pte R. Mckenny, now deceased.

  2. Hi Karl Proposed First Tour Book

    Barry Marsh of D12 7RAR was a very keen and good photographer and amassed a big collection of photos of the first tour.His family have always given huge support to our unit over many years and would be very happy to provide a portfolio of photos for possible inclusion in the new book.They would like to know when the photos are required.
    Barry has unfortunately passed on but his family continue their support.I can give you a point of contact if you are interested……with their approval of course.
    Best wishes. Colin Richardson

  3. Hello Colin, I sent you the following by email. Just in case you didn’t receive it here it is again.
    Hello Colin,
    I am certainly keen to see the portfolio of photos that have been collected. Any that I use in the book will of course be credited to Barry in the description of each photo.
    Please pass on my thanks to the family for making these photos available.
    You can email me JPEGs of the photos or, if there are a large number and they are large file sizes, I can send you a USB with return postage so you would only need to upload them to the USB. Let me which method you prefer please. I would also appreciate any notes/information that you may have about each photo, particularly the identification of soldiers in the photos.
    I would prefer to get the photos as soon as possible as I need to sort them into time frames for events. The new book is laid out broadly in chronological order. I may have to post some or all of Barry’s photos on Porky7 Facebook so that I can identify people/events in the photos.
    At this stage I am hopeful that the book will be finished by end of next year but I still have a long way to go and do not wish to rush the process.
    Again, my thanks to you and the family for making the photos available.
    0418 638 620

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