December 7, 2021

WA fires burn out Wally Kleszcz

Received this email from Dave Ingles who is in the middle of the devastating fires in WA

Hi Kev,

We have been hit in the middle of the fire here in Gidgegannup WA. I was able to save my house but lost everything else, but our 7RAR mate Wally Kleszcz (2nd Tour SVN) lost everything. Wal is my neighbour. Wal got away and is OK. I’m still trapped in the area but am OK. I have just received this from Tara Kleszcz Wally’s daughter.

Can you send this out to the 7RAR family? If anyone assists can they please mark it as 7rar.

From Wally’s daughter

Hi there, I started a GoFundMe fundraiser for Help Wally Rebuild His Home After Devastating Fire. I would really appreciate if you can help share this fundraiser.

Click her to help

If you do donate then mark it 7RAR

Dave Ingles.