December 1, 2021

7 in 70 2nd Edition Payment Update

Seven in Seventy 2nd Edition
Payment Update

Unknown Deposits
If you have already explained these anomalies then consider me forgetful and you need to tell me again while I have a pen in my hand. Otherwise if you recognize the details then phone me*

23 Dec Agent Deposit 13420 $120
15 Jan Ekizabeth Taylor $120
15 Jan ANZ ATM Mildura Br #3 VI $120
21 Jan Trans from Big Sky CU 7RAR Asscn $120
28 Jan Agent Dep (438 783 402) $120 (I tried ringing the number but no answer)
02 Feb Agent Dep (?2792530) $120

Updated List
• If you have paid and your names isn’t there then phone me*
• If there is no Suburb with your name then I don’t have your address so phone me*
• If the dollar amount is wrong (unlikely) then phone me*
*0429 054 805

Just click on the link below and the list will download