July 18, 2024

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20 thoughts on “Latest Newsletter

  1. I enjoy the newsletter in this form & the read on Col. Smith & warrant officer Reg Bandy was exceptional.

    It will be easier to keep track of my membership as well, I hope

  2. Hello Fellow Hogs,
    Hope you are well. Was wondering who I could send an article for the Newsletter to. An email or postal address would be appreciated. I’ve written an article about the very sad demise of volunteer veteran advocates in recent times. Look forward to hearing from you.

  3. Hi I’m Ben I’m ex armoured new generation of vets, my grandfather was in the 67 68 tour as a secco his name is Robert Ennis charlton , I’m looking for anyone who served with him for my mum. He died in 07 and my mum misses him a lot, I’m off to svn this Saturday. Cheers guys

      1. Hi verity Im so sorry I just saw your post, yes I am Meg’s son, and I know she would love to connect.
        Im at singleton at the moment on a course would love to chat.

        Thank you sooo much

    1. If Meagan doesn’t want to contact me I can put you in contact with someone who served with him, who is a good family friend, he did Dad’s eulogy in 2004,

  4. Just a passing comment/question how do you feel about the latest news that at the up coming Indigenous/Maori NRL game will not play the National Anthem Because it MAY OFFEND!!! I believe this is a complete lack of respect for this country and I find it difficult to comprehend how the executive of the NRL could sanction it. I will not watch any more NRL games on principle, hoping other Vets have the same thoughts.
    cheers Richard Hylard

    1. I stopped watching RL when they sanctioned feeding the ball in the scrum via the second row and now of course they call for volunteers to form a lazy, pathetic resemblance of a scrum and also the introduction of the rule to allow monster forwards rest periods, off the paddock so when their energy is restored they can resume tearing the heads of opposition players. The game is a disgrace, I was told some years ago that the great South Sydney and international hooker John Sattler refused to watch the game for these reasons and I do not wonder why. The game has become the work of people akin to the gutless and brutal mongrels who ran the gladiatorial carnage of the Roman colosseum. It’s all about big hits and creating high levels of physical contact just to inject maximum emphasis on the theatre of it all. Gone are the days when RL sides could ‘see off’ the big boppers so that speedy and clever players could display precise handling, pi-point kicking and tactical ball movement with speed, great skill and flair.

  5. I would like to purchase a Battalion Tie fro my mate William Crowley -2nd Tour.
    i have tried through the merchandise option but have been unable to get through.
    is there a contact person who may be able to help.

    Robert Sweeney

  6. Hello there
    I am trying to find some information about my step grand father who was in Vietnam and served in the 1st battalion RAR during 1965. I have his medals.
    I was surprised that in your book ( A Duty Done ) at the back where there is an honours list his name isn’t there. Would there be a reason for this.
    His name was Roderick Wellington, 43584.
    Kind regards
    Lynn Dunbar

  7. looking for porky.s stickers. can someone help me .Arthur ‘ George’ Turner charlie co 9th patoon

  8. I have read most of your 7RAR Newsletter and found it very interesting….

    May you all be well in this Corvid 19 world that we live in.

    Sandy Fallance
    wife of the Late Tom Fallance (Jock)

  9. Well Technology it tricky at times….

    I sent a note with comments about 3 RAR and the forgotten part of our Military History.. I agree with the comments and find when mentioned ” Confrontasia ” people look at me and say when was that….really was Australia involved with this in Borneo??

    Only time will tell if Australian Military history buffs write about this little know war in the late 1960’s.

    1. History buffs are all over it. I was actually dragged out of 5RAR to go to RAAF Language School in 1965 to do a 12 month course on Bahasa Indonesia as Army’s prep for a protracted war. However the course was longer than the war and I ended up in South Vietnam having to learn another language so I could at least order a beer.

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