July 18, 2024

Calling all 14 NS Intake guys



A group of us are attempting to put together a book or booklet detailing the unusual way that soldiers were sent to 7RAR from the 14th National Service intake.  It was unusual because approximately 100 recruits from the various RTB’s, instead of being sent to Singleton or elsewhere for Infantry Corps Training were sent straight to 7RAR at Holsworthy to complete their Corps Training from within the battalion, with three platoons under Lieutenants John Heydon, Dave Chitty and the late Rob Pothof.


We are hoping to track down as many of the 100 as possible to ask them to contribute to our book/booklet and we have included a suggested DRAFT questionnaire to send to each of those we find.  We have potentially identified about 70 from the “7RAR Two Tours” book, based purely on the dates they left Vietnam but it’s not a conclusive list as some may have returned earlier or extended their tour. What we really need is the original list of those 100 recruits, alluded to in Mike O’Brien’s book “Conscripts and Regulars”, who reported in to 7RAR in early January 1969 to commence their corps training. We would be really grateful for any suggestions as to the best ways to go about it, however we are considering advertising in VetAffairs, Listening Post, 7RAR Website and 7RAR Magazine and any other suggested avenues.


Any advice or suggestions you could give us would be greatly appreciated.


From Geoff Murray


14th Intake; National Service, October 1968.

Gidday Nashos,

Working Title: SALT OF THE EARTH;  National Servicemen of 14th Intake Oct 1968

During the camaraderie at this year’s Anzac Day, 55 years on, a handful of the 14th Intake of 7RAR diggers discussed the contribution and history of our cohort of every day Aussies. It was agreed as a good idea to commence compiling a record similar to a book titled “WE WILL REMEMBER THEM” edited and collated by Angela Kelsall.  The book details the stories of WWII volunteers from the Victoria Plain Shire in WA

This flyer is to invite members of the 14th Intake of National Servicemen, who after recruit training were posted to the 7th Battalion, Holsworthy, New South Wales in January 1969. Please consider submitting a short history of your life, prior to, during 7RAR soldiering and after NS.

The purpose is to collate these stories into a booklet that records your unique life. Your contribution to Australia deserves to be recorded. This will be a lasting legacy for you, your family and friends. The accounts will reflect a special era of Australian history of NS members of 7RAR. Official military history often fails to recall the personal descriptions of soldiers. Sharing your story will help future generations understand the meaning of NS to the Australian community.

To encourage individuals to participate and write their story, listed are some topics that you could consider. These suggestions do not define what a submission looks like, that is totally up to you. Five hundred words or half a page would be sufficient and welcome. Some of our members may be more expansive. A then and now photo or relevant documents would be valuable additions.

  • Early Childhood/Adolescent years
  • National Service: details/documents
  • 7RAR: posting/training/role/service/special or humorous stories
  • Discharge
  • Civilian Life; Career Path
  • Family
  • Interests hobbies
  • Community service

Would you please forward as well any contact details of intake members you may have connections with so we can check that they are on our list or, if not, add their details.

Your early acknowledgement or contributing story will encourage the momentum going forward. The current project team are Gordon, Geoff and Peter, all West Australians (Sandgropers). Their contact details are below. We would welcome anyone willing to assist with this project or even helping to develop the contact list.

We aim to circulate more details after assessing the responses and numbers.

Hope to hear from you.

Gordon Dickson:            waikikirooftiles@aapt.net.au                                   0418 943 729

Geoff Murray:             geoffandlorraine@yahoo.com.au                        0432 253 043

Peter Vlachou:                  peter.vlachou@gmail.com                                    0409 472 357



Geoff Murray

Peter Vlachou

Gordon Dickson

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