December 8, 2023

Paul J. Navarre

Biography of Paul J. Navarre (a.k.a Paul John Crawley)

Paul Navarre was born in Terang, in the state of Victoria, Australia, on the 5th September 1948.

He was a National Serviceman.

His service in Vietnam included:-
1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, from the 4th March 1970 to the 31st March 1970
6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the 1st April 1970 to the 13th May 1970
7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the 14th May 1970 to the 6th June 1970


.. the fatal action in Vietnam …
The next morning’s clearance of the ambush site triggered an M16 anti– personnel mine. Private Mick O’Halloran, the only survivor of the search group, received shrapnel wounds and was evacuated by Dustoff helicopter to Vung Tau.  He later returned to the battalion and a period of light duties. The Australian soldiers killed by the explosion were  Private Paul Navarre, Private Stephen Dickson and Private Stanley Larsson

His grave (Grave 457) is within the  Beechworth Cemetery in Victoria and is located in Row C of the Roman Catholic area