September 30, 2023

Raymond B. Patten

Biography of Raymond B. Patten

Raymond Patten was born in Camperdown, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, on the 5th June 1950.

… the fatal action in Vietnam …
On the 1st February 1971 the Reconnaissance Platoon had been deployed to an ambush position in an area 2km south-east of Phuoc Buu on Route 328. An M16 mine was tripped by the patrol. It resulted in the tragic death of  Private Raymond Patten and Private Alan Talbot and it also wounded Lance Corporal Noel Gobold,  Sergeant Dick Williams and Private Phil Ryan.

His grave (Grave 5079) is in Row 19 within the Church of England section of the Rookwood Cemetery in New South Wales

patten plaque