February 22, 2024

Pte Denis Francis Bathersby

Private Denis Bathersby enlisted in the Australian Army on 30 March 1966.  He arrived in South Vietnam on 12 January 1967 and was posted to 6th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment. On 29 May 1967 Private Bathersby was posted to 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment as a rifleman.

On 6 August 1967 , in Phouc Thuy Province, the 2nd Platoon, A Company come under heavy enemy fire. Private Bathersby as a machine gunner of that platoon continually exposed himself to the enemy in order to bring more effective fire to bear on the enemy position. He moved forward continually until he become the most forward man of the platoon. In this location he was wounded in the right arm. Ignoring the injuury he continued to fire on the enmy position and also managed to throw two grenades with his left arm.

Shortly after throwing the grenades Private Bathersby noticed that one of the men in his section had been badly wounded. He immediately dragged the wounded man to a safe area. He then returned to his position until ordered by his Platoon Commander to hand over his machine gun and move to the rear. On his way to the rear he helped with the evacuation of other more seriously wounded members of the platoon

Following his arrival at the evacuation point Private Bathersby moved around the wounded comforting and encouraging them.

Private Bathersby, by his complete disregard for personal safety, displayed courage, determination, coolness and compassion for his fellow man.  His resolute actions set a an example of soldiering that is an inspiration for others to follow

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