September 30, 2023

Edward F. Brophy

Biography of Edward F. Brophy

Edward Brophy was born in Gulgong, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, on the 10th July 1945.

His service in Vietnam included:-
1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, from the 27th February 1967 to the 11th March 1967.
5th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the12/03/1967 to the 25th April 1967.
7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the 26th April 1967 until his death on the 6th August 1967.

… the fatal action in Vietnam …
Edward Brophy died during the Battle of Suoi Chau Pha, in Phuoc Tuy Province on August 6 1967.
Five other Australian soldiers from A Company died and 15 were wounded during this battle.

His grave (Grave 58) is within the Gulgong Cemetery (NSW) and located in Section C  of the Roman Catholic section.