December 1, 2022

Ross C. McMillan

Biography of Ross C. McMillan

Ross McMillan was born in Uralla, in the state of New South Wales, Australia, on the 22nd November 1945.

He served in Vietnam with the 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the 8th April 1967 to the 2nd February 1968

… in Vietnam …
Lance-Corporal McMillan was killed after he had set up a claymore mine outside the patrol perimeter, on 2 Feb.  The soldiers on gun piquet changed over while he was out and information was not correctly passed on.  Cpl McMillan was coming back into position crouched low in the grass and the all the machine gunner could see was a forehead and dark hair approaching.

His grave (6 3) is located in the Presbyterian section of the Uralla Cemetery in New South Wales

mcmillan plaque