September 30, 2023

Rex W. Davies


Biography of Rex W . Davies

Rex Davies was born in Port Augusta, South Australia on the 2nd February 1945.

His service in Vietnam included:-

1 Australian Reinforcement Unit, from the 10th September 1970 to the 1st October 1970
7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment, from the 2nd October 1970 to the 27th October 1970

… the fatal action in Vietnam …

On 27 October there was a tragic clash between patrols from 2 and 3 Platoons of A Company. The clash resulted in the death of temporary Lieutenant Rex Davies, and the wounding of Private Arthur Holzhauser and Sapper P. Piromanski (a member of the attached engineer mini team). The incident was promptly subjected to a formal investigation which was carried out by the battalion Second–in–Command. He concluded that the clash had occurred as a result of a navigational error.

His grave is within the Stirling North Cemetery, south east of Port Augusta in South Australia