February 22, 2024

Mick Berrigan – a book

Received this email from Geraldine Colson

My brother, Mick Berrigan, was critically injured in battle in November, 1967.  After twice being resuscitated, he lived to return to a system which was totally inadequate for his severe brain injury.  As his older sister,  I have written a book from my own and his family’s perspective about Mick’s life and his long, sad journey over 44 years with little or no support from the army or the bureaucracy.

It is called “The Soldier Who Didn’t Die”and is available on-line from Amazon for down-load or as a paperback.

He may have had little help from the Army or bureaucracy but his mates in 7RAR never forgot him.


The Amazon Link

The Last Vietnam Victim

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