February 22, 2024

2Lt G Lyndsay, MC

2788031 Second Lieutenant Gregory LINDSAY


Military Cross (MC)


Second Lieutenant Gregory Lindsay was enlisted into the Australian Military Forces in October 1967, selected for attendance at the Officer Training Unit, Scheyville, and commissioned in the Royal Australian Infantry in April 1968.


He joined 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in May 1969, and arrived in South Vietnam with the Battalion in February 1970.


In many contacts during 1970 Second Lieutenant Lindsay and his platoon inflicted numerous casualties on the enemy and Second Lieutenant Lindsay became known throughout his Battalion for dash and courage. On two separate occasions he led a group of his platoon directly into an enemy position causing the enemy to withdraw leaving behind a number of casualties.


On another occasion during an ambush contact at night Second Lieutenant Lindsay’s Platoon was fired on by a second group of enemy from a flank. With complete disregard for personal danger he led four soldiers of his platoon in a 75 yard charge straight into the enemy. This action killed four enemy and wounded two others.


Throughout the whole of his tour in South Vietnam Second Lieutenant Lindsay has shown a high example of personal bravery, determination and initiative which reflects great credit on himself and his battalion.



Extract from: Vietnam Veterans Honours and Awards by Alexander M Palmer

7 thoughts on “2Lt G Lyndsay, MC

  1. I am unable to contact Greg Lindsay ( second tour ) in Tasmania.If anyone can advise me of his current wellbeing it would be greatly appreciated.
    If they could contact me by e-mail asap.

    1. Hi Trevor, as a kid Greg was like an Uncle to me and my brother and was always around in Cairns. We have not spoken to him in a few years but we had some news on him about a year ago…feel free to email me if you wish or if you have any recent updates? Thanks

      1. Hi Greg , i am in fairly frequent contact with Gregg as i was his sig in Vietnam, WE had lunch and a few days together two weeks ago and have regular phone contact. He still is VERY reclusive, so i will pass on your concerns to him, As i say to everyone don’t expect to hear from him however i will pass on your contact details, If you want to phone me or e-mail my number is 0405 136 020

    2. We had Lunch and an enjoyable few days with Gregg in Hobart, I was his Sig in Vietnam as he remembered me from school(BBC), We get together every year or so (i live on Gold Coast). Even with all his health problems he is surprisingly well. He is however VERY reclusive and is reluctant to contact any one apart from me and another digger Chris Coates
      We speak every couple of months so i will tell him you enquired about his well being Feel free to contact me
      either e-mail or 0405 136 020

  2. I have been trying to contact Gregg for many years. His dad and mine were close friends in Brisbane and later Sydney. I have just uncovered a newspaper clipping of medals awarded to diggers kept by my late Mum and found his name. My search lead me to this website. If anyone is able to help me, I would be extremely grateful.
    Ann Stent (Colley)

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