December 1, 2021


Key: Killed in Action : Wounded in Action




First Name

Second Name



2791138 OAKES ROBERT JAMES 25Jun29 10Mar71
61965 OATES GARY DOUGLAS 16Feb70 10Mar71
18480 O’BRIEN BARRY ~ 18Apr67 16Apr68
3787385 O’BRIEN BERNARD JOHN 11Jan67 15Aug67
3787158 O’BRIEN BRENDAN PAUL 10Mar67 26Apr68
18643 O’BRIEN DAVID THOMAS 2Apr67 26Apr68
42417 O’BRIEN JOHN JOSEPH 23Apr67 18Mar68
235353 O’BRIEN MICHAEL PETER 10Feb70 14Jan71
3411880 O’BRIEN PETER ANTHONY 17Apr67 16Apr68
1410870 O’BRIEN ROBERT ~ 8Apr67 28Apr68
23860 O’BRIEN ROBERT ARTHUR 10Feb70 28Feb71
~ O`BRIEN R G (first) ~
1735746 O’BRIEN ROBERT JOHN 18Feb70 3Sep70
218889 O’BRIEN STEPHEN FREDRICK 24Feb70 10Mar71
215480 O’BRIEN WILLIAM THOMAS 10Feb70 10Sop70
1735876 OCKENDON SYDNEY CLYDE 18Feb70 10Mar71
16327 O’CONNOR JOHN MARTIN 8Apr67 8Aug67
215323 O’CONNOR KEVIN RAYMOND 8Apr67 18Apr68
1905011 O’CONNOR NEVILLE JOHN 21Jan68 14Jan89
3790439 O’DEA BARRY JAMES 10Oct67 21Feb68
6708318 O’DEA MICHAEL GERARD Dec65 Dec68
235141 O’DONNELL EWART JOHN 21Mar67 11Apr68
5717058 O’DONNELL GEORGE RICHARD 23Jul70 4Mar71
5714572 O’DONNELL MALCOLM ~ 18Jul67 20Apr68
39869 O’DOWD JASON KEVIN 17Feb70 10Mar71
3789405 O’FARRELL PETER JOSEPH 8Apr67 13Sep67
3787944 OGDEN RAYMOND LINDSAY 8Apr67 14Nov67
5716736 O’HALLORAN RONALD MICHAEL 16Feb70 4Mar71
1732613 HARE RANDEL JOHN 10Oct67 2Jul68
3797290 OHLMUS WILHELM ANTHONY 22Jul70 10Mar71
217069 O’KEEFFE DARRELL RAYMOND 9Jun67 26Apr68
217069 O’KEEFFE DARRELL RAYMOND 18Feb70 29Sop70
5716737 OLDFIELD KEITH HYDE 18Fob70 4Mar71
1202581 O’LEARY BARRY JOHN 16Feb70 10Feb71
3797499 OLIVER MICHAEL JOHN 15Jul70 8Jan71
1201243 O’MALLON MICHAEL ADRIAN 26Sop67 26Apr68
3796052 MARA ERIS JOHN 18Feb70 17Oct70
214645 O’NEIL CHRISTOPHER ~ 18Apr67 26Apr68
3788768 O’NEILL(2) KEITH LESLIE 8Apr67 8Nov67
3790066 O’NEILL KEVIN JOHN 24Oct67 26Apr68
3788877 O’REILLY JOHN PATRICK 8Apr67 18Mar68
~ O’REILLY REGINALD ~ (first) ~
54690 O’ROURKE PATRICK HUGH 8Apr67 26Apr68
3789403 ORR JAMES ~ 8Apr67 26Apr68
3797489 OSBORNE RORY ANDREW 22Jul70 10Mar71
2785490 OSBORNE WILLIAM BRIAN 100ct67 26Apr68
3789406 O’SHEA DENNIS MICHAEL 8Apr67 26Apr68
3788203 OSLER RONALD NORMAN 8Apr67 25Oct67
61803 O’TOOLE RONALD JAMES 9Nov68 16Apr70
6709545 O’TOOLE VICTOR PATRICK 16Feb70 10Mar71
313923 OUCHIRENKO DAVID JOHN 26Nov70 28Oct71
3797502 OWEN PHILIP DAVID 29Jul70 10Mar71
44909 OWEN ROSS JAMES 16Feb70 10Mar71
3411950 OWENS RODNEY ALAN 9Jun67 24Apr68
56232 OZOLINS ULDIS ~ 26Nov70 25Sep71

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