December 1, 2021


Key: Killed in Action : Wounded in Action






First Name

Second Name



2793273 QUEENAN KERRY MICHAEL 18Feb70 10Mar71
2793861 QUINN PATRICK MUNRO 22Jul70 10Mar71
2412434 QUIRK RICHARD DAVID 8Jun67 26Apr68
3798246 QUIRK TERENCE WILLIAM 18Feb70 10Mar71
1731851 RACKLEY STANLEY MICKEAL 8Apr67 28Nov67
214113 RAE GRAHAM WESLEY 12Dec66 13Doc67
2784925 RAFTERY LAWRENCE JOHN 9Jun67 26Apr68
4721046 RAFTERY TREVOR MICHAEL 18Feb70 25Feb71
3768784 RAMSAY DOUGLAS STANFORD 8Apr67 18Mar68
2791806 RASTALL PETER NORMAN 18Feb70 17Doc70
3796781 RATAJCZEK OLIVER ~ 18Feb70 13Aug70
3411683 RAWLINS JOHN BARRY 10Mar67 5Mar68
55794 READ CHRISTOPHER DAVID 18Feb70 25Feb71
17346 READDY JOHN ROBERT 8Feb70 14May70
2793137 REED ROBERT ~ Jul70 4Mar71
6708703 REEMAN GRAHAM JOHN 9Jun67 28Apr68
38439 REEVES NOEL LAWRENC 2Apr67 18Mar68
1202244 REID IAN AUBREY 18Feb70 10Mar71
2783259 REINHARD VICTOR PAUL 8Apr67 25Oct67
39680 REISSIG GUNTHER CARL 24Feb70 24Dec70
43939 REMYNSE JAN ~ 8Apr67 28Apr68
3789457 RENNIE ROBERT EDGAR 8Apr67 28Apr68
3787475 RENOWDEN JOHN ARTHUR 8Apr67 28Nov67
81983 REZEK ROBERT ~ 18Feb70 10Mar71
17895 RICH ROB STUART 19Aug70 3Sep70
44133 RICHARDS BRIAN ROBERT 10Mar67 2Mar68
218885 RICHARDS BRUCE JAMES 18Feb70 10Mar71
218654 RICHARDS KERRY JOHN 16Feb70 13Jul70
44214 RICHARDS ROBERT FRANK 8Jun67 26Apr68
1732623 RICHARDS RONALD JOHN 13Nov67 29Oct68
3768045 RICHARDSON COLIN NEIL 8Apr67 25Oct67
218697 RICHARDSON NEIL THOMAS 16Feb70 27Aug70
4718880 RICHTER TREVOR DEAN 13Nov67 2Dec68
2786150 RICKABY BRIAN ~ 13Nov67 5Nov68
215504 RIDDETT PETER JOHN 17Feb70 10Mar71
3411682 RILEY KEVIN MAXWELL 10Mar67 5Mar68
1202125 RILEY PETER GEORGE 16Feb70 28Jul70
218841 RIMMRODT ROMAN ~ 10Feb70 10Mar71
3789478 RINALDI FRANCIS NOEL 8Apr67 8May68
3768983 RING RONALD DAVID 8Apr67 18Mar68
2785517 ROACH JOHN FREDERICK 18Jul67 26Apr68
311461 ROBB ALISTAIR MARTIN 17Feb70 10Mar71
3411941 ROBERTS DAVID JAMES 12Jun67 26Apr68
2784813 ROBERTS DAVID REUBEN 20May67 18Mar68
55693 ROBERTS GRAEME WAYNE 16Feb70 20May70
5716757 ROBERTS GRAHAM JOHN 16Feb70 4Mar71
220067 ROBERTS RICHARD JOHN 9Dec70 12Mar72
2794282 ROBERTS ROSS KEITH 2Dec70 1Jun71
2243016 ROBERTSON DONALD McLEOD 11Feb70 25Feb71
1735420 ROBERTSON JOHN TREVOR 16Feb70 10Mar71
217416 ROBERTSON NEIL MCLEAN 24Feb70 14Jan71
2793003 ROBERTSON STRUAN COLIN 16Feb70 25Feb71
3768871 ROBILOTTA JOSEPH ~ 8Apr67 18Mar68
219427 ROBINSON GEORGE ALBERT 16Feb70 10Mar71
313372 ROBINSON IAN JOHN 18Feb70 25Feb71
3768839 ROBINSON PETER JOSEPH 5Feb67 15Aug67
3797125 ROBINSON RONALD HAYDEN 10Apr67 15Aug97
3784176 RODGERS JOHN ALEXANDER 16Feb70 14May70
1735801 RODGERS TREVOR HENRY 16Feb70 7Jan71
5718317 RODIE GAVIN ANGUS 16Feb70 20Aug70
45118 ROE TERRENCE ALBERT 2Sep69 3Sep70
1200743 ROGERS JAMES PERCIVAL 10Oct67 8Oct68
5714392 ROGERS RAYMOND JOHN 8Apr67 18Mar68
313639 ROGERS WILLIAM ERNEST 10Jun70 27Jan71
3175885 ROKAY PETER LLOYD 30Sep69 1Oct70
1202977 ROLLINGS KEITH WILLIAM 12Aug70 1Jun71
39110 ROMEO BARRY JOHN 28Sep67 28Apr68
39110 ROMEO BARRY JOHN 25Feb70 31Aug70
3797544 ROSCOE DENTS JOHN 22Jul70 24Mar71
3768084 ROSE BARRY DOUGLAS 8Apr67 25Oct67
3789473 ROSE DAVID ~ 8Apr67 28Apr68
3410416 ROSENOW RAYMOND KEITH 8Apr67 7Jun67
38774 ROSS ANTHONY JOSEPH 8Apr67 28Apr68
313245 ROSS DARYL JOHN 2Sep69 3Sep70
37277 ROSS GRAHAM HENRY 5Feb67 24Jan68
3769483 ROSS IAN MAURICE 8Apr67 26Apr68
342587 ROSS LAWRENCE MICHAEL 8May67 30Apr68
3798244 ROSS LEIGH OLIVER 18Feb70 10Mar71
2790914 ROUSELL GEORGE HENRY 16Feb70 10Mar71
3797552 ROWAN PHILLIP GEORGE 22Jul70 1Jun71
2791318 ROWLAND KEITH ~ 24Feb70 13Aug70
38137 ROWLEY COLIN ~ 14Feb67 6Nov67
38137 ROWLEY COLIN ~ 13Nov67 18Mar68
38137 ROWLEY COLIN ~ 10Feb70 10Mar71
219622 ROYSTON RAYMOND JEFFREY 10Jun70 10Mar71
3411680 RUDD BRIAN JOHN 12Jun67 26Apr68
255093 RUEDIGER FRANK ~ 12Aug70 1Jun71
5411579 RULE LESLIE ~ 11Jan67 9Jan68
3104107 RUNDELL TERRENCE LESLIE 28Oct70 28Aug71
218719 RUNGE ROBERT DAVID 16Feb70 1Jun70
2257862 RUSDEN MICHAEL ~ 16Feb70 21Jan71
3796347 RUSHTON ALAN ~ 3Mar70 10Mar71
3768728 RUSSELL DAVID WILLIAM 2Jun67 18Jan68
1732829 RUSSELL GARY RONALD 24Oct67 13Jun68
4720416 RUSSELL IAN MacGREGOR 17Feb70 13Aug70
3787815 RUSTON DENNIS JOHN 5Feb67 14Aug67
4718659 RUTH RICHARD MAURICE 10Oct67 28Apr68
3795105 RUTHERFORD FRANCIS ALAN 16Feb70 20Aug70
4720835 RYAN BRIAN JOSEPH 18Feb70 4Mar71
3794189 RYAN GARRY RAYMOND 10Feb70 14May70
14381 RYAN KENNETH RICHARD 10Feb70 10Mar71
2136910 RYAN MICHAEL PATRICK 16Feb70 10Mar71
4716880 RYAN PAUL ANTHONY 9Jun67 26Apr68
5717283 RYAN PHILIP ANTHONY 30Jul70 4Mar71
2793971 RYAN PHILLIP ALLAN 15Jul70 10Mar71
3789475 RYAN THOMAS ANTHONY 18Jul67 26Apr68
3796150 RYDER FREDERICK ANTHONY 18Feb70 3Jun70
1731707 RYE RONALD WALTER 8Apr67 25Oct67
4720700 RYGUCKI RUDOLPH SIGMUND 24Feb70 14May70

4 thoughts on “Quebec/Romeo

    1. Look at menu down right hand side, click on Recce Pl reunion and when it asks for a password then enter recce61. We are having a platoon reunion at the end of August at Coolangatta.

  1. Hello everyone, my dad Bruce James Richards 218885, was apart of 7RAR, if anyone knew him or of the people he served with could someone please get in contact with me, Natasha. My email address is 0403516843
    Im saddened to inform that my dad Bruce James Richards passsed away on Monday 6th February 2017

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