April 25, 2024

Corporal Graham Leslie GRIFFITHS

2412127  Corporal  Graham Leslie GRIFFITHS


Military Medal (MM)


Corporal Graham Griffiths enlisted in the Australian Regular Army on 28 March 1963 and joined 7th Battalion, The Royal Australian Regiment in South Vietnam on 20 November 1967.


During a patrol in Bien Hoa Province on 7 February 1968, Corporal Griffiths sighted an enemy to his front and, after informing his Platoon Commander, deployed his section quickly and efficiently into fire positions. Corporal Griffiths coolly delayed the order to fire until the appropriate moment and killed the enemy. Small arms fire from three machine guns was immediately returned from an enemy position behind the body and pinned Corporal Griffiths’ section down.


Corporal Griffiths realised that an enemy machine gun bunker fifteen metres to his front would cause casualties in his section if it was not neutralised quickly, Single handed and under heavy fire he approached the bunker and silenced the enemy fire, killing the enemy with a grenade


Later that day in another contact with the enemy, Corporal Griffiths’ section again came under heavy and accurate enemy fire which hit his machine gun group causing two casualties. Corporal Griffiths directed covering fire from the remainder of his section and twice exposed himself to draw the enemy fire so that the wounded could be evacuated. In the final stages of this contact Corporal Griffiths voluntarily accompanied an attack through the enemy position to indicate the enemy bunkers. During this attack Corporal Griffiths continued to assault enemy bunkers with grenades.


Throughout the day Corporal Griffiths unflinchingly carried out extremely hazardous tasks with complete disregard for his own safety. His cool actions provided an inspiration to his men and set an example of resolute and courageous leadership.




Extract from: Vietnam Veterans Honours and Awards by Alexander M Palmer

1 thought on “Corporal Graham Leslie GRIFFITHS

  1. He was our platoon sergeant in C company, when we got posted to 7RAR in 1971. He always looked immaculate. Starched and ironed greens with creases that would just about cut your fingers and spit polished boots you could see your face in. A good bloke and a fine example to the blokes he was in charge of training. Was aware that he had been awarded the MM, but never knew the circumstances.

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