April 2, 2023

WO 2 Byron Henry Cox

WO 2 Byron Henry Cox was RSM 7RAR, 22 Sept 1973-2 Dec 1973

WO Cox served in South Vietnam with 1RAR from May 65 to Jun 66 and returned to serve with AATV from Jan 71 to Nov 71

In Vietnam  with the AATV  he served  at Pleiku,  Phu Cat and Binh Dinh.

He was an exceptional warrant officer who excelled at instructing Vietnamese and Montagnard students in class and in the field on night operations (NOTT).  On mobile classes he and his assistant frequently travelled to Vietnamese camps (special forces, RF and PF) across Military Region 2, but especially Pleiku and Binh Dinh Province.  He was unflappable, a very handy man in a crisis and was an excellent role model.

WO Cox was awarded the MBE in the Postwar Honours List and a MID for his outstanding service in the AATV


1 thought on “WO 2 Byron Henry Cox

  1. The CO 1RAR has asked me to locate WO1 Byron Henry COX. 1RAR is holding a major reunion in May 2018 and is now preparing an invitation list. I f you have his contact details would you please forward them to me at raypayne@veteranweb.asn.au
    Thank you

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